Body & Mind Refinement


The Body and Mind Refinement:


The Body and Mind Refinement class is a chi-kung exercise combined movements of many exercises and chi-kung known by many people.  These are simplified through the refined techniques in fully-awared mind.


The Body and Mind Refinement has two intensions:

1. Through each movement, the body and mind awareness is improved.

2. “Full attention in each movement" reminds everyone to live each moment through a cycle of begin, end, and transition (birth, dead, and connection), etc.

Movement (refine technique), breathing (chi), awareness (Spirit) are three (3) essential elements can not be separated in a life of a human being; and they are the keys of "improvement" by a practitioner.

With these actions:
- Total body movements: help the bodily functions operate smoothly and regulate chi and blood
- Rotating each joint: to eliminate all joint pain.

Combined with the external elixir (qigong, chi-kung) exercises, "The Eight Silken Movements" help to enhance awareness and chi flow to heal mental illnesses as well as body illnesses.

By practicing daily, the Body and Mind Refinement exercises hopefully can improve one’s health, gain a full potential mind and a happy life.


Translated by Huynh Trinh & Nguyen Phan