Jade Buddha & Mandala Lights

“Mandala Lights” appear around Jade Buddha
Very unusual lights have regularly appeared in photographs taken of the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace. These lights first appeared at Quán Thế Âm temple in Đà Nẵng. They have since appeared at every showing of the Jade Buddha in Vietnam, Australia and USA.

These lights appear in a wide range of conditions and even appear inside buildings such as the Museum of Western Australia in Perth and the Sydney Entertainment Centre. But not all people seem to be able to take these photographs. The lights have been called “Mandala Lights” because of the symmetrical design which has a similarity to a Buddhist mandala. The lights appear to be semi-transparent and while they appear to be largely white when enlarged they are seen to be made up of many colours. Enlargements of the lights have also shown wonderful and colourful patterns within the lights.

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